Wedding Shoe Wednesday

Happy Wedding Shoe Wednesday! We’re loving this warm weather that allows us to wear all our sandals all day long. Why should sandals be restricted to casual wear when there are so many sophisticated pairs on the market?! Here are a few of our favorites we found over the weekend.

Wedding Shoe Wednesday

These stunning sandals from Blue by Betsey Johnson will give you the extra touch of glitz and glamour you’ve been searching for in a wedding shoe. The Bells Sandal is available in a show-stopping blue and classic white. Whether you add a pop of color or keep it simple, you’ll love the way you look & feel in these high-heeled sandals.

Wedding Shoe Wednesday

If Bells doesn’t fit your personality, we recommend the Flounce Grace Sandal. Available in metallic silver or gold, it adds just a hint of color & sheen without overwhelming the bride or the dress. We love the idea of pairing the gold Grace Sandal with a pink wedding gown.

Love these sandals? Both are available from Nordstrom. Visit their site and discover them for yourself!

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