Gifts for the 2014 Bride!

2014 is going to be filled with lots of weddings! Do you know a lucky lady getting married in 2014? If so, here are some fun ideas for gifts to get her!

1) Manicure/pedicure – now that she has something sparkly to show off, she has an even better reason for a manicure (we would recommend Chill here in Rockbrook Village)

2) Massage – wedding planning is stressful – what a great way to help her de-stress

3) Facial – help her get her skin in tip top condition

4) Accessories for the wedding day (such as a belt to pair with the dress, a hair piece, earrings, etc.)  These diamond cluster studs from Sara Gabriel are a huge hit amongst our brides (Abby earrings from Sara Gabriel) Find them at Ready or Knot!

Abby Earrings 375x534

5) Thank you notes/stationery – she has a lot of thank you writing in her future! Ask her what her colors will be and get some coordinating stationery (PS – don’t forget the stamps!)  We can’t get enough of these darling note cards.

6) An item from Kate Spade’s wedding line, because honestly, who doesn’t like Kate Spade?!

7) Clutch for the wedding day  – it is a great way to ensure that all of her essentials (phone, lip gloss, ID, etc) are in the same place on her big day

8) Custom hanger for dress (makes for some gorgeous pictures of the dress!)

Bride Hanger 3

9) Dance lessons for the couple (great for the couple who doesn’t like to be traditional.)

10) Subscription to a national magazine such as The Knot or Martha Stewart Weddings. For more local tips and advice on local vendors, check out Wedding Essentials Magazine, (check out this month’s mag- we’re on the cover!)

11) Hair or makeup consultation (she could use this for a shower or bachelorette party!) Everything runs smoother when the bride doesn’t have to worry about how her hair and makeup are going to turn out!


Pinterest Picks – Gifts for Your Dad

If you want to give your dad his own gift on your wedding day, but have no idea what to get, then look no further than today’s Pinterest Picks! Whatever your father’s personality, these picks are the perfect way to say “I love you!”

Bridal Portrait

Give your dad a gift he’ll hold close to his heart and that he’ll want to display for all to see. A bridal portrait is the perfect give for any father of the bride (especially the sentimental ones). Put a spin on this gift by framing a photo of your dad’s first look at you, the bride. He will be able to relive your wedding day at any moment simply by looking at this photograph. Make sure your photographer knows ahead of time that you want a bridal portrait or a first look with your dad.


Every father of the bride could use a classic watch. We recommend splurging and giving dad a watch he would never think of buying himself, such as this classic silver and black Burberry timepiece from Nordstroms. Give it to him before the ceremony so he can wear it as he walks his daughter down the aisle.

Golf Gear

If your dad is a businessman, he likely does some of his business on the golf course. Or maybe golf is one of your father’s hobbies. Whatever the case, your dad probably spends time on the green. Why not aid his game by giving him the gift of new golf gear. The options are endless when it comes to this type of gift. Don’t know a thing about the game of golf? Give dad a combination of simple, but necessary, items such as tees, towels, and gloves. Know a little something about your dad’s golf game? Get him the new golf bag he’s been eyeing or a new outfit to wear out on the green. We suggest creating a gift package with multiple golf items. You can create one yourself, or order one such as this one from for the father of the bride to enjoy.

Whether your dad is the emotional, trendy, or sporty type, today’s Pinterest Picks have something for every dad. As with all the gifts you give for your wedding, the most important thing is to make the gift personal. Get your father something he will use often and personalize it by engraving or monogramming the item.

(These picks are also great for your future father-in-law. Recommend these Pinterest Picks to your groom if he hasn’t already picked out a gift for his dad.)

Pinterest Picks – Gifts for Your Groom Part II

Here at Ready or Knot, we’re dedicating this week to our Pinterest Picks for best gifts from you, the bride. Yesterday our Pinterest Picks looked at classic gifts every bride can give her groom. But maybe some of you are looking for a non-traditional gift. Today, our Pinterest Picks are for you. These are our choices for best quirky grooms gifts.

Sports Memorabilia

If your future husband is like most men, he dedicates at least one night a week to watching sports and has a drawer full of t-shirts to prove his allegiance to his team. Why not use his love of sports to come up with the perfect wedding gift? While most men will spend countless dollars on t-shirts and foam fingers, they won’t invest in real sports memorabilia. That’s where you, the bride, come in!

Give him the rare baseball card he’s had his eye on or a signed baseball bat from his favorite player. Framed and autographed pictures of players, coaches, and even stadiums are also available. Our favorite piece of sports memorabilia is the jersey. Official player jerseys are available on the team’s website and at local sporting goods stores. Is your man a Husker fan? Try Husker Hounds in Omaha or Husker Headquarters in Lincoln to find all this memorabilia and more.

Season Tickets

Has your man ever surprised you with tickets to a concert or the ballet? We love the idea of returning the favor with season tickets to watch his favorite team play. Get season tickets for two and turn game day into date day! Not only will your husband appreciate the gift, but he will love enjoying every home game with his new wife.

Boudoir Photo Book

Looking for something a little more daring? Then we suggest a flirty boudoir photo book. Here’s how it works:

An all female staff gets you camera ready for a fun and sexy photo shoot. The pictures are shot for your future husband’s eyes only and consist of flirty, seductive, and beautiful photographs of you. Compile the photos into a personalized album that he’s guaranteed to love. For more information, we recommend contacting Lane Intimates.

Whether you’re looking to give your groom a traditional gift, something unique, or one of each, our Pinterest Picks showcase the best of both. We recommend personalizing or monogramming a gift when you can to add that special touch.

Now that you know what you’re getting the groom, what about your parents? And your future in-laws? Check back tomorrow for more gift giving Pinterest Picks!

Pinterest Picks – Gifts for Your Groom

Pinterest Picks are back! This week at Ready or Knot, we’re using our Pinterest obsession to bring you the best in wedding gifts for your groom, parents, and new in-laws.

To begin the week, we wanted to start with grooms gifts. Traditionally, the bride and groom exchange gifts the day before, day of, or day after the wedding. It can be difficult to choose a gift that signifies both your love for your husband and your marriage, especially when the options seem endless. We suggest giving a gift that lasts, or something your man would never go out and buy for himself. After narrowing it down to our favorites, here are our Pinterest picks for grooms gifts.

Cuff Links

Burberry Cuff Links (left) and Waxing Jewelry Cuff Links (right)

Exchange gifts with your future husband the day before the wedding and surprise him with cuff links to wear during the ceremony. Our favorite are personalized cuff links from Waxwing Jewelry. Customize them with your initials and wedding date for a functional gift that will always remind your groom of your wedding day (and ensure he never forgets your anniversary!). Looking for something simple? We picked Burberry cuff links from Bloomingdales.


This is another gift that can be given before you say “I do!” A watch is the perfect accessory for the groom on his wedding day. It is also a functional piece that he can wear every day. We recommend a classic watch such as this black crocodile-embossed piece from Emporio Armani. When choosing a watch, look for something sleek and stylish that your man can also wear to work or a night out with his new wife. Want to go the extra mile? Get the back of his watch engraved to add a personal touch.

Every groom is sure to love these two Pinterest Picks! They are both traditional and functional, which make them great gifts from the bride to the groom. Looking for a non-traditional gift? Check back tomorrow for more of our Pinterest Picks for grooms gifts!