“The Unveiling” Wrap-Up!


“The Unveiling” took place Friday, January 24th at Ready or Knot, and was a blast to say the least! We had such as wonderful time with our friends and supporters.


Party guests enjoyed delicious appetizers from Jones Brothers Cupcakes, yummy croquembouche and puff pastries from Cake Expressions Inc. and delightful mixed drinks made by yours truly! Lillian Jacobitz from Creative Fleurs and Larry and Lisa Zulkoski from Hyvee Floral stopped by with gorgeous floral arrangements, and Joel Rudloff from A Final Take pumped up the party with some awesome jams. The hot commodities of the party were Christine Danderand of Blush Makeup Artistry and Dani Cooper of Boss Studios. They turned our beautiful brides-to-be, into drop dead gorgeous brides-to-be. We also had special guest Melissa Kasoff of Kelly Faetanini in attendance to help brides find the dress of their dreams. Lots of fun was had by all, and we were so thrilled to see so many old and new faces. We are so grateful for our friends and supporters. We would not be where we are today without each and every one of you!




Pictured above are the cronuts that served as the vendor invites for our party. How fun are they?! They tasted even better than they looked (believe it or not!)

Stay tuned, because this party was definitely “knot” our last…though it will be tough to top “The Unveiling”!

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

With the weekend in sight, we wanted to leave you with tips and tricks from a local vendor to help you and your groom as you do some wedding planning this weekend. Today we’re focusing on the ever important DJ questions. Who do you choose? What songs should you play? What is the best Father/Daughter song? If these questions have been causing you some anxiety, worry no more! Joel Rudloff from A Final Take Music and Video is here to give brides advice he’s gather in his 8 years of DJ experience. Use these great tips and tricks to make your reception into the party you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Don’t Throw Out Cliché

Although they are overplayed and used at every wedding, songs like “Shout” are a huge hit on the dance floor. Don’t automatically write off these songs, as they are a great way to bridge the generation gap and bring people of all ages to the dance floor. As you are planning your reception, decide ahead of time which party and dance songs you want to play. Go with “The Wobble” and “The Cupid Shuffle” but nix “YMCA” and “The Macarena”. You don’t have to play all the cheesy songs, just enough to keep your guests on the dance floor.

2. Think of the Occasion

Brides and guests alike need to remember where they are at when they request a song. There always seems to be a request for “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, which is not exactly appropriate for a wedding. Taylor Swift is also popular, but with so many breakup songs it isn’t the best music to play during the reception either. While you can’t help what your guests choose, you can hire a DJ who can discern what is appropriate and what is not.

3. Look for the Whole Package

Most brides do not hire a day-of wedding coordinator to handle the reception. This is where a good DJ comes in. Hiring a DJ who will not only ensure that guests have a good time but also aid you in moving through dinner, speeches, and the bouquet tosses is ideal. When you first begin meeting with potential DJs, be up front with your expectations and what you need. Ask what aspects of the reception they can handle. If they are unsure as to a good order of events for your reception, you may want to look elsewhere.

This advice from a talented and experienced DJ should put brides on the right path to choosing their own entertainment for their reception. To get more recommendations on the do’s and don’ts of wedding receptions, check out A Final Take Music & Video or contact Joel at dj@afinaltake.com & 402.965.1824.

ONE…a birthday bash recap

It’s been a week since our 1st birthday and our ONE…a birthday bash event. If you weren’t able to make it out we wanted to give you a little peek at what you missed!

Modern Trousseau Trunk Show/ Style Show

Elegant Modern Trousseau gowns from the style show!

Our night included a style show where we featured the one and only Modern Trousseau wedding dresses. With the Modern Trousseau trunk show last weekend as well we were pretty busy, but the models gave these wedding dresses great movement and made them look even better than they do on the hangers!  A special thanks to our models Nicole, Brooke, & Stephanie.

ONE...a birthday bash recap

Guests enjoying the festivities!

Guests stopped in to see everything that Ready or Knot had to offer and indulged themselves in some yummy treats too!

ONE...a birthday bash recap

Thank you to all of the vendors who helped us out!

This is our personal thank you to all of the vendors who helped us make this event a success. Cuppycakes‘ macaroons were a huge hit! Hy -Vee (90th & Center) provided delicious food & drinks.  Our store still smells like a floral shop thanks to Lisa Z & her team at Hy-Vee as well as Lilian from Creative Fleurs and we love the fresh bouquets and bright colors. The style show couldn’t have been any better with out A Final TakeBlush Makeup Artistry, & Dani Cooper. It was a great night full of fun, friends and laughter!

Thank you again to everyone who made it out to help us celebrate! We can’t thank you enough for all of your support! We hope you enjoyed yourself and to those who missed it, don’t worry we will have plenty of other events and many more birthdays to come! 🙂

–A Special thank you to Dalton Taylor of Straight Off the Runway for the photos.