Gifts for the 2014 Bride!

2014 is going to be filled with lots of weddings! Do you know a lucky lady getting married in 2014? If so, here are some fun ideas for gifts to get her!

1) Manicure/pedicure – now that she has something sparkly to show off, she has an even better reason for a manicure (we would recommend Chill here in Rockbrook Village)

2) Massage – wedding planning is stressful – what a great way to help her de-stress

3) Facial – help her get her skin in tip top condition

4) Accessories for the wedding day (such as a belt to pair with the dress, a hair piece, earrings, etc.)  These diamond cluster studs from Sara Gabriel are a huge hit amongst our brides (Abby earrings from Sara Gabriel) Find them at Ready or Knot!

Abby Earrings 375x534

5) Thank you notes/stationery – she has a lot of thank you writing in her future! Ask her what her colors will be and get some coordinating stationery (PS – don’t forget the stamps!)  We can’t get enough of these darling note cards.

6) An item from Kate Spade’s wedding line, because honestly, who doesn’t like Kate Spade?!

7) Clutch for the wedding day  – it is a great way to ensure that all of her essentials (phone, lip gloss, ID, etc) are in the same place on her big day

8) Custom hanger for dress (makes for some gorgeous pictures of the dress!)

Bride Hanger 3

9) Dance lessons for the couple (great for the couple who doesn’t like to be traditional.)

10) Subscription to a national magazine such as The Knot or Martha Stewart Weddings. For more local tips and advice on local vendors, check out Wedding Essentials Magazine, (check out this month’s mag- we’re on the cover!)

11) Hair or makeup consultation (she could use this for a shower or bachelorette party!) Everything runs smoother when the bride doesn’t have to worry about how her hair and makeup are going to turn out!


How to Shop For the Mother of the Bride

Who is the most important person at any wedding? That’s easy! The bride! But what if we asked you who the second most important person at a wedding is. The groom? We beg to differ.

The person who knows the bride best, has been there for her the longest, and supported her along the way is none other than the mother of the bride. So why do many brides and mothers leave all the mother of the bride details until the very last minute? After meeting so many mothers who don’t know what to wear, we are sharing our tips & tricks on how to select the perfect dress for the mother of the bride. Daughters and mothers alike, listen up! This advice is for you.

Once you’ve accepted that you are the second most important person at a wedding, it’s time to get serious about dress shopping. Rule number one is to look early and look often. Before your first shopping trip, brainstorm a list of what you do (and don’t) want in your dress. Think about details such as:

  • Wedding Season. Does the weather call for a short or long dress?
  • Wedding Party Attire: What are the bridesmaids wearing? You don’t want to look exactly like them – you should stand out!
  • Favorite Feature: Do you want to show off your arms but hide your legs? Go for a silhouette that will flatter and hide exactly what you want it to.

After you compile a list of dos and don’ts, it’s time to get shopping! Many mothers we talk to don’t know where to begin looking here in Omaha. But if you aren’t afraid to move beyond your typical department store, have plenty of recommendations for you. Check out these stylish shops & boutiques.

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

When you step foot in these stores, keep your basic wants & needs in mind. At the same time, don’t limit yourself! Most mothers believe their is some rule that dictates what colors they can and cannot wear. We’re here to say that isn’t true! Well, for the most part. There are two exceptions:

First is in the case of navy and black. If the mother of the bride dresses in navy or black, she runs the risk of clashing with the other navy or black attire in the wedding party. Also, it is so easy to get lost and become a floating head in pictures if you and everyone else are dressed in black. So embrace some color! Whether that is one of the wedding colors, or a favorite from your color wheel, don’t be afraid to try something different. Second, don’t wear the same color (or style) as you did at a previous daughter or son’s wedding. No one wants to compare pictures 10 years from now and realize they looked exactly the same.

Mother of the Bride

When you think you’ve found the dress, run through a few often overlook details before making a final decision. First, what type of bra can you wear with the dress? If it is open in the back, low in the front, or strapless, special undergarments may be needed. If you won’t be comfortable in the type of undergarments your dress requires, you won’t be comfortable in the dress. Next think about a jacket. Do you need one? Does the dress give you the option to purchase a matching one? All these questions are important to ask in advance so you won’t find yourself scrambling to bring your look together just days before the wedding.

As soon as you’ve found “the one”, order it ASAP. Many mother of the bride dresses take months to get in, similar to the situation with a wedding gown. While you’re waiting for your dress to arrive, take the time to plan out the small details. What shoes are you going to wear? Make sure they are extremely comfortable since you will spend the majority of the night on your feet. Accessories are also important when bringing your whole look together. Go for something simple such as earrings and a bracelet. Ask yourself if they will compliment your dress as well as look good in pictures for years to come.

We know this sounds like quite the process, but why wouldn’t you want to dedicate time and effort to something as important as your mother of the bride dress? If you take our advice, we guarantee you’ll be stress free, happy with your dress, and feel beautiful the day of your daughter’s wedding. So what are you waiting for?! It’s never to early to start shopping!

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

With the weekend in sight, we wanted to leave you with tips and tricks from a local vendor to help you and your groom as you do some wedding planning this weekend. Today we’re focusing on the ever important DJ questions. Who do you choose? What songs should you play? What is the best Father/Daughter song? If these questions have been causing you some anxiety, worry no more! Joel Rudloff from A Final Take Music and Video is here to give brides advice he’s gather in his 8 years of DJ experience. Use these great tips and tricks to make your reception into the party you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Don’t Throw Out Cliché

Although they are overplayed and used at every wedding, songs like “Shout” are a huge hit on the dance floor. Don’t automatically write off these songs, as they are a great way to bridge the generation gap and bring people of all ages to the dance floor. As you are planning your reception, decide ahead of time which party and dance songs you want to play. Go with “The Wobble” and “The Cupid Shuffle” but nix “YMCA” and “The Macarena”. You don’t have to play all the cheesy songs, just enough to keep your guests on the dance floor.

2. Think of the Occasion

Brides and guests alike need to remember where they are at when they request a song. There always seems to be a request for “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, which is not exactly appropriate for a wedding. Taylor Swift is also popular, but with so many breakup songs it isn’t the best music to play during the reception either. While you can’t help what your guests choose, you can hire a DJ who can discern what is appropriate and what is not.

3. Look for the Whole Package

Most brides do not hire a day-of wedding coordinator to handle the reception. This is where a good DJ comes in. Hiring a DJ who will not only ensure that guests have a good time but also aid you in moving through dinner, speeches, and the bouquet tosses is ideal. When you first begin meeting with potential DJs, be up front with your expectations and what you need. Ask what aspects of the reception they can handle. If they are unsure as to a good order of events for your reception, you may want to look elsewhere.

This advice from a talented and experienced DJ should put brides on the right path to choosing their own entertainment for their reception. To get more recommendations on the do’s and don’ts of wedding receptions, check out A Final Take Music & Video or contact Joel at & 402.965.1824.

Ask the Experts

Happy Friday! In keeping with this week’s gift registry theme, we sought out advice from bridal registry experts. We found a great team of ladies at Bed, Bath, & Beyond at Village Pointe who offered their favorite registry tips & tricks. Whether you’re newly engaged or walking down the aisle in a matter of weeks, this advice is just what you need.

1. The Rule of 1 and a Half

There are couples who register for too few items and those who register for too many. You want to be the couple who has it just right! A good rule of thumb for your gift registry is to have 1.5 items for every guest. For example, a couple who invites 100 guests to their wedding should register for 150 items. If you are only registering at one store, increase that number to 1.75 gifts for every guest. This ensures you have a wide variety of items and price points for your guests to choose from.

2. Take Your Time

You don’t have to complete your registry in one visit. Initially, it is best to set up an appointment with a registry consultant so you can set yourself up for success. This person can answer all your questions before you begin and give you some pointers for registering at that particular store. After your initial visit, set aside time to go back 1-2 times to complete your registry. If you rush through the entire store, you will miss items that you want and need.

3. Double Up

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is registering for too many individual pieces and no complete sets, or vice versa. This is most often seen with pots & pans. Ideally you should register for the complete set first, then scan each piece separately. Why? For flexibility. Maybe 12 different guests will purchase the 12 individual pieces. Or perhaps multiple couples will go in on the whole set. What you’re doing is giving your guests options. Do this with pots & pans, cooking utensils, knives, and wine glasses. Just double check the return policy first, just in case you get the individual pieces and the set.

Don’t you love these tips?! We highly recommend you go visit this registry team in person to get a one of a kind registry experience. We promise these ladies know what they’re talking about, and your registry will be better because of their advice!



Real Wedding Registries

Sometimes the best advice comes from those who have been there, done that. So when we started searching for wedding registry advice, we thought it appropriate to reach out to our brides who have recently walked down the aisle. We asked some basic registry questions and they answered! We’ve sorted through all their answers and compiled the best and most common advice brides have for all the brides-to-be out there.

Favorite Gifts

When in doubt, brides would much rather their guests purchase an item from their registry than not. Anything from their various lists is likely to be a hit. Here are the best of the best gifts according to our brides.

-Framed copy of the wedding invitation

-Gift cards. These are great for purchasing those larger ticket items that you didn’t receive from guests.

-Quality, light-weight luggage. Samsonite from Bed, Bath, & Beyond was the top    pick!

Wedding Registry

Least Favorite Gifts

Guests got into trouble when they veered from the couple’s registry and went for more unique items. Unless you know a couple and their style well, stick to the registry. To avoid receiving personalized gifts you can’t return, couples should be vocal about their likes and dislikes as much as possible. The items our brides were most likely to get rid of were…

-Random picture frames. Many couples received a hodge podge of sizes, colors, and styles that do not match any other aspect of their home decor.

-Monogrammed or personalized items (think frames, glasses, and decor)

-Any and all re-gifted items. Many of our brides received old, dusty frames, trays, and other random items without a receipt that were clearly re-gifted.

Guy Items

When registering, don’t forget to select items for the man in your life. Grooms were pleased with item such as:

-Kettlebells and fitness equipment

-Media Charging Station (available at Pottery Barn)

-Grilling tools

-Bar glasses


Wedding Registry

The Do’s

Looking back on their registry, many of our brides regret not registering for certain items. Make sure to include these great pieces on your own registry.

-Large food processor and other kitchen appliances

-Larger items that you need within the first 6 to 12 months such as appliances and serving dishes for the holidays. Even if you don’t get them from guests, you can use completion discounts on these items.

-A vacuum should be on every couple’s registry. Most vacuums can handle hard wood, linoleum, and other surfaces just as well as carpet. It sure beats using a broom and dust pan!

Wedding Registry

The Don’ts

Just like there are must have items, others should be avoided. Think twice before adding these to your wedding registry.

-Water glasses, wine glasses, etc. Most couples registered for too many and spent a lot of time returning these heavy packages.

-Place mats & cloth napkins. They are fun to use, but if you don’t receive a full set or you rarely entertain you won’t get any use out of them.

Final Advice

-Have family wait to purchase gifts until the last minute so they can get you things you really need but didn’t get from other guests.

-Vary the price points of items on your registry. Don’t be afraid to scan those pricey appliances, but balance it out with wooden spoons and small kitchen tools.

-Register at places with flexible return policies. This saves your from being stuck with items that came with no gift receipt.

Use this advice as you create and perfect your own registry. Go back and add items that our brides highly recommend and think twice about those that brides regret registering for. Be smart, strategic, and make your registry your own. If you follow all this advice, you really can’t go wrong!