Wedding Cakes {Pinterest Picks}




Happy Friday brides! If you’re like us, you’re already missing the warm days of summer. Today, we’re bringing you the best selection of fruit-topped cakes to honor the golden days of summer.

Our first cake pairs a white textured cake with fresh strawberries and blueberries. Fruit is a great alternative to traditional flowers on a cake. They’re bright and colorful, plus you get to eat them!

Fruit 1


The great thing about a fruit-topped cake is that they can be towering and overflowing with fruit, or they can be understated. This next cake is a simple one-tier, white frosted cake. The placement of the raspberries in a half-moon shape add visual interest to this cake.

Fruit 2

Fruit cakes are best suited for the summer months when fresh produce is available, but they can work any time of the year. The best idea is to pick fruits that are in season. For example, this apple cake would be great for a fall wedding when the fruit is ready for harvest.




Fruit 3

Have fun with these cakes! Think out-of-the-box and try unusual fruits like mulberries and black cherries in the cake below.

Fruit 4

Wedding Cakes {Pinterest Picks}

Sugar flowers are the topic for day two of our Wedding Cakes {Pinterest Picks}. Sugar flowers are a great alternative to fresh flowers. They give you certain freedoms that real flowers don’t allow.

You’re not restricted by the seasons. Some flowers are only available certain times of the year. If you’re having a winter wedding, but want bright summer flowers on your cake, you can have them with sugar flowers!

sugar flower 1

Using sugar flowers also allows you to “manipulate nature.” The cake below uses an  oversized flower versus several regular-sized ones. It makes a bold statement that wouldn’t be possible with fresh flowers.

sugar flower 2

Take advantage of the flexibility that sugar flowers offer by tailoring them to fit your wedding theme. If you love the look of flowers but only want a certain color or style, then use sugar flowers. This cake goes for an all-white color scheme, giving it an understated, yet elegant appearance.

sugar flower 3

Today’s last cake incorporates sugar flowers with yesterday’s theme of textured cakes. Don’t limit yourself to one interesting detail. The subtlety of a white textured cake provides a great base to showcase the beautiful sugar flowers. The details on the flowers are so realistic it’s almost impossible to tell that they’re not fresh!

sugar flower 6

Wedding Cakes {Pinterest Picks}

There’s nothing better than wedding cake…except five days of the most unique, delicious, and inspiring wedding cakes that Pinterest has to offer! So with that being said, let them eat cake!

To begin, we’re featuring our favorite textured cakes. Detailed piping transforms a simple white cake into a work of art. Don’t feel like you have to use only one texture, either. This cake mixes dots, swirls and a diamond pattern. Sticking with white frosting keeps this cake from looking too busy. Texture 1

Your dress doesn’t need to be the only thing with bling! The gold dots on this cake give it a glamorous feel. We love how the pattern is bold at the top and fades out towards the bottom.

Texture 2

The wavy, rough texture of the frosting on this next cake gives it an organic feel. If you’re going for a more causal look, then a textured cake like this one is a great choice for you!  Frosting is a great alternative to the smooth look of fondant…and it tastes good too!

Texture 3

If you’re going for something a little more eye-catching, but like the look of a textured cake, it’s easy to add details. Ribbon or flowers that fit with your theme will give your cake a personalized touch.

Texture 4

Your wedding cake should reflect your personal taste. Have fun with it! Our last textured cake features four different textures which are all beautiful by themselves, but together make for one outstanding cake! Your guests will be wow’ed by all of the intricate piping details that give this cake an interesting, yet elegant look.

Texture 5


Escort Card {Pinterest Picks}

Happy Friday to all our brides! Before you hit the road for the long weekend or begin prepping for that neighborhood BBQ, we want to leave you with one final installment of Escort Card {Pinterest Picks}. These are the picks we’ve been building up to all week. They are the unique, creative, and spontaneous options you would least expect. May they inspire you to let your personality shine through in every aspect of your wedding – even your escort cards!

Up first we have the perfect option for all the sports lovers out there. Game ticket inspired escort cards are a great way to make escort cards more casual. Whether the escort cards feature information about your favorite team or are designed to match the rest of your wedding stationary, these escort cards will put a smile on your guests’ faces!

This {Pinterest Pick} features a scratch-to-reveal portion that hides each table number. Guests will have to work to figure out exactly where they will be seated. What a great idea!

{Pinterest Picks}

Looking for a way to let your groom and his interests shine at your wedding reception, but not sure where to add such elements in? Escort cards are the perfect opportunity! This {Pinterest Pick} is an easy DIY project for brides and maids to complete together. Simply write each table number on a golf ball and super glue to a tee. Attach each guests’ name and place in wheatgrass for the final product. We guarantee escort cards like this will be every guys’ favorite aspect of your reception.

{Pinterest Picks}

Brides can also easily introduce a novelty or quirky item into their escort cards. We love the use of mini typewriters in this {Pinterest Pick}! Other ideas include keys, clapboards (for all the movie lovers out there), and mini birdcages. Whatever you choose, let it reflect you and your groom, as well as the overall feel of your wedding.

{Pinterest Picks}

With that, we bid you adieu for the long weekend. We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s {Pinterest Picks}! If you are in the planning stages of your wedding, take some time this weekend to brainstorm your own escort card ideas. Have a great idea already? We’d love to hear it! Share it with us and your ideas could end up on our Facebook page!

Escort Card {Pinterest Picks}

Spring and summer brides have the opportunity to take advantage of the wide variety of flowers in bloom at the time of their wedding. Not just for centerpieces and bouquets, flowers and greenery can stand alone as escort cards too!

To add color and fragrance to your reception, utilize wedding flowers as escort cards. Give each guest 1-2 stems with an escort card attached to guide them to their table. Use a random assortment of blooms or assign a particular flower to each table. Place a vase on each table and have guests create a centerpiece of their own by placing their escort cards in the center. Or make this escort card into a wedding favor by giving each guest a colored vase for their flower to take home at the end of the night!

Floral Escort Cards

This next Pinterest Pick is being used in a variety of ways for weddings this year. Succulents make an excellent escort card and favor wrapped into one. Place succulents in a clay pot or tea cup and paint the table number on each one. This Pinterest Pick also used the escort card to designate particular meal choices. How cute!

Succulent Escort Cards

Whether you like to garden or want to add a pop of color to your wedding reception, we highly recommend using blooms and greenery as escort cards. Talk to your florist about getting some extra stems to use or check with a local nursery for greenery options.

Loving this week’s Pinterest Picks? Come back tomorrow to see what we have in store for the final day of Escort Cards. You won’t want to miss it!