Hitched Happy Hour is This Thursday!

Kelly Faetanini Trunk Show

We’ve had a fabulous time sharing the latest styles from designer Kelly Faetanini since the trunk show gowns arrived last Friday. Brides love the gowns that combine the perfect touch of modern and vintage. Each dress has an intricate detail whether it be beads down the back, delicate lace, or bold crystal accents.

Hitched Happy Hour

Have you been in to see the gorgeous gowns? If not, Thursday is your chance! Hitched Happy Hour is back just in time for our Kelly Faetanini Trunk Show. Stop by with your friends & family between 5 & 7:30pm to try on the latest wedding gowns to arrive at Ready or Knot. We’ll also be available to help with accessories & bridesmaids dresses.

Still looking for wedding makeup & hair style? Our beauty experts – Christine Danderand & Dani Cooper – are back to give complementary trials & tips to our future brides and maids!

No need to make an appointment. Just drop in for a chance to chat with other brides over a glass of champagne & a gourmet rice krispy treat. Girls’ night doesn’t get much better than this!

How to Shop For the Mother of the Bride

Who is the most important person at any wedding? That’s easy! The bride! But what if we asked you who the second most important person at a wedding is. The groom? We beg to differ.

The person who knows the bride best, has been there for her the longest, and supported her along the way is none other than the mother of the bride. So why do many brides and mothers leave all the mother of the bride details until the very last minute? After meeting so many mothers who don’t know what to wear, we are sharing our tips & tricks on how to select the perfect dress for the mother of the bride. Daughters and mothers alike, listen up! This advice is for you.

Once you’ve accepted that you are the second most important person at a wedding, it’s time to get serious about dress shopping. Rule number one is to look early and look often. Before your first shopping trip, brainstorm a list of what you do (and don’t) want in your dress. Think about details such as:

  • Wedding Season. Does the weather call for a short or long dress?
  • Wedding Party Attire: What are the bridesmaids wearing? You don’t want to look exactly like them – you should stand out!
  • Favorite Feature: Do you want to show off your arms but hide your legs? Go for a silhouette that will flatter and hide exactly what you want it to.

After you compile a list of dos and don’ts, it’s time to get shopping! Many mothers we talk to don’t know where to begin looking here in Omaha. But if you aren’t afraid to move beyond your typical department store, have plenty of recommendations for you. Check out these stylish shops & boutiques.

Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

When you step foot in these stores, keep your basic wants & needs in mind. At the same time, don’t limit yourself! Most mothers believe their is some rule that dictates what colors they can and cannot wear. We’re here to say that isn’t true! Well, for the most part. There are two exceptions:

First is in the case of navy and black. If the mother of the bride dresses in navy or black, she runs the risk of clashing with the other navy or black attire in the wedding party. Also, it is so easy to get lost and become a floating head in pictures if you and everyone else are dressed in black. So embrace some color! Whether that is one of the wedding colors, or a favorite from your color wheel, don’t be afraid to try something different. Second, don’t wear the same color (or style) as you did at a previous daughter or son’s wedding. No one wants to compare pictures 10 years from now and realize they looked exactly the same.

Mother of the Bride

When you think you’ve found the dress, run through a few often overlook details before making a final decision. First, what type of bra can you wear with the dress? If it is open in the back, low in the front, or strapless, special undergarments may be needed. If you won’t be comfortable in the type of undergarments your dress requires, you won’t be comfortable in the dress. Next think about a jacket. Do you need one? Does the dress give you the option to purchase a matching one? All these questions are important to ask in advance so you won’t find yourself scrambling to bring your look together just days before the wedding.

As soon as you’ve found “the one”, order it ASAP. Many mother of the bride dresses take months to get in, similar to the situation with a wedding gown. While you’re waiting for your dress to arrive, take the time to plan out the small details. What shoes are you going to wear? Make sure they are extremely comfortable since you will spend the majority of the night on your feet. Accessories are also important when bringing your whole look together. Go for something simple such as earrings and a bracelet. Ask yourself if they will compliment your dress as well as look good in pictures for years to come.

We know this sounds like quite the process, but why wouldn’t you want to dedicate time and effort to something as important as your mother of the bride dress? If you take our advice, we guarantee you’ll be stress free, happy with your dress, and feel beautiful the day of your daughter’s wedding. So what are you waiting for?! It’s never to early to start shopping!

Hitched Happy Hour Recap

Last Thursday we hosted another Hitched Happy Hour. Thank you to all our brides who came with friends and family to make it our best yet! For those who were unable to make it, we want to recap the evening with you. From sweet treats and beauty advice to local vendors and the latest wedding gowns, this event had everything a bride could ask for!

Fruit Bar

We began the night with our favorite beauty experts. Christine Danderand of Blush Makeup Artistry and Dani Cooper from Boss Studios set up for free wedding hair and makeup trials! Christine does wonders with an airbrush, giving brides a natural look that won’t smudge or run on your wedding day. Dani creates beautiful hairstyles to compliment the bride and her wedding dress. These two truly are experts! Brides, bridesmaids, and even a mother of the bride enjoyed the stylings of these two. So much so that we had brides booking wedding hair and makeup appointments on the spot!

Hair and Makeup

The month we also welcomed one of our new favorite local vendors, Christine Dirkschneider Ballard. Christine is a talented photographer who shoots everything from senior pictures to engagement photos. Of all her work, our favorite is her boudoir photography. With so many brides interested in this growing art, we wanted to bring in an expert to answer questions and chat with brides. Christine’s easy-going personality and beautiful boudoir photos helped many of our brides decide to take boudoir photos as a wedding gift to their husbands – what a great idea!

While brides chatted with the vendors, others were busy trying on the latest gowns from the Ivy & Aster Trunk Show. No one could get enough of the rich textures, feminine fabrics, and flirty silhouettes that the wedding gowns had to offer. The bridesmaid dresses were just as popular. Our favorite was a strapless lavender dress that cab be dyed after the wedding – perfect for the bridesmaid who is worried about not being able to wear the dress again!

Ivy & Aster Trunk Show

To make this Hitched Happy Hour a true girls’ night, Chill Body Manicure & Pedicure Spa offered mini mani/pedi sessions to everyone at the event. Many brides sipped champagne while swapping stories with other brides. And, of course, there were plenty of goodies for ladies to munch on! Brides assembled their very own fruit pizzas at our fruit pizza bar!

All in all we had a wonderful evening spending extra time with all our brides! We are already planning the next event and hope all of you will join us! Have ideas for vendors or sweet treats you want to see at the next Hitched Happy Hour? Let us know and we’ll incorporate our favorite ideas at the next event!

Introducing New Bridesmaid Designer – Donna Morgan

We can’t contain our excitement for these new bridesmaids dresses! We will now be carrying an amazing new line, Donna Morgan. These silk chiffon beauties come both long and short and in a wide array of colors. How great are these dresses?

Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses, Available at Ready or Knot, Omaha, NE

L to R: Morgan (Candlelight), Morgan Short (Peach Fuzz), Mary (Blush), Hallie (Ocean Spray), Morgan Short (Hint of Mint) Photo from Donna Morgan

Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses, Available at Ready or Knot, Omaha, NE

Photo from Donna Morgan

The picture below features the styles and colors that we currently have. We can’t wait to get more!

Donna Morgan Bridesmaid Dresses, Available at Ready or Knot, Omaha, NE

L to R: Morgan Long (Blush), Rhea (Mauve), Blaire (Spearmint; convertible), Donna (Grape) Photos from Donna Morgan

This collection is now available so don’t wait any longer for an appointment! If you haven’t already grabbed the phone, start dialing 🙂





New Amsale Color Combos – Grey’s & Gold’s

That’s right, we have even more new color combos from Amsale. Today we have Grey’s & Gold’s and they are beyond amazing together. Want the same combos in all long or all short styles? Not a problem, just let us know and we can get them for you! Call now to schedule your appointment!


Amsale Bridesmaid Dresses, Charcoal, Graphite & Dove

L to R: Charcoal, Graphite & Dove

Amsale Bridesmaids Dresses, Charcoal, Graphite, Champagne & Dove

L to R: Charcoal, Graphite, Champagne & Dove

Amsale Bridesmaid Dresses, Charcoal & Ink

L to R: Charcoal & Ink

Amsale Bridesmaid Dresses, Charcoal, Ink & Graphite

L to R: Charcoal, Ink & Graphite

 Not pictured: Slate, Graphite & Charcoal


Amsale Bridesmaid Dresses, Cashmere, Truffle & Vanilla

L to R: Cashmere, Truffle & Vanilla

 Not Pictured: Cashmere, Truffle, Vanilla & Champagne

Miss our other color combinations? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Check out our Blue/Green & Purple combinations now!