Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Finding a wedding venue is the first step (of many) for a bride planning her wedding. This process is more than just choosing a nice-looking reception hall. Brides should look for the whole package, including a team of experts who know a thing or two about events. From there you can collaborate to make your ceremony and reception the wedding of your dreams.

Not sure where you can find this exceptional service along with a great venue? We suggest Embassy Suites Omaha – Downtown/Old Market. To show you a little of what their events team knows, Executive Meeting Manager Adrianne Robinson put together a couple tips to share with our brides. See for yourself why this events team comes highly recommended in the Omaha area.

1. Know Your Budget

Communicate this number to your wedding planner(s) at the very beginning and stick to it. This will held you avoid going over budget when it’s too late to go back. When you discuss your budget with your planners, also talk about what is most important to you. A great wedding planner will budget more money for the things that matter most and distribute the remaining amount from there.

2. Avoid Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

There’s a fine line between making sure people help you (we don’t want the bride taking on too much responsibility) and having too many hands in the pot. Delegate responsibilities to people you trust, playing off their strengths and weaknesses when assigning tasks. When it comes to vendors, make sure there are only 1-2 points of contact so the caterer and venue aren’t receiving mixed messages.


While these tips may seem simple, they are essential for planning your wedding. Want to know more? Contact Adrianne at 402-541-1486 to learn more about room blocks, event space, or anything else related to your big day.

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

With the weekend in sight, we wanted to leave you with tips and tricks from a local vendor to help you and your groom as you do some wedding planning this weekend. Today we’re focusing on the ever important DJ questions. Who do you choose? What songs should you play? What is the best Father/Daughter song? If these questions have been causing you some anxiety, worry no more! Joel Rudloff from A Final Take Music and Video is here to give brides advice he’s gather in his 8 years of DJ experience. Use these great tips and tricks to make your reception into the party you’ve always dreamed of.


1. Don’t Throw Out Cliché

Although they are overplayed and used at every wedding, songs like “Shout” are a huge hit on the dance floor. Don’t automatically write off these songs, as they are a great way to bridge the generation gap and bring people of all ages to the dance floor. As you are planning your reception, decide ahead of time which party and dance songs you want to play. Go with “The Wobble” and “The Cupid Shuffle” but nix “YMCA” and “The Macarena”. You don’t have to play all the cheesy songs, just enough to keep your guests on the dance floor.

2. Think of the Occasion

Brides and guests alike need to remember where they are at when they request a song. There always seems to be a request for “Enter Sandman” by Metallica, which is not exactly appropriate for a wedding. Taylor Swift is also popular, but with so many breakup songs it isn’t the best music to play during the reception either. While you can’t help what your guests choose, you can hire a DJ who can discern what is appropriate and what is not.

3. Look for the Whole Package

Most brides do not hire a day-of wedding coordinator to handle the reception. This is where a good DJ comes in. Hiring a DJ who will not only ensure that guests have a good time but also aid you in moving through dinner, speeches, and the bouquet tosses is ideal. When you first begin meeting with potential DJs, be up front with your expectations and what you need. Ask what aspects of the reception they can handle. If they are unsure as to a good order of events for your reception, you may want to look elsewhere.

This advice from a talented and experienced DJ should put brides on the right path to choosing their own entertainment for their reception. To get more recommendations on the do’s and don’ts of wedding receptions, check out A Final Take Music & Video or contact Joel at & 402.965.1824.

Ask the Experts

Happy Friday! In keeping with this week’s gift registry theme, we sought out advice from bridal registry experts. We found a great team of ladies at Bed, Bath, & Beyond at Village Pointe who offered their favorite registry tips & tricks. Whether you’re newly engaged or walking down the aisle in a matter of weeks, this advice is just what you need.

1. The Rule of 1 and a Half

There are couples who register for too few items and those who register for too many. You want to be the couple who has it just right! A good rule of thumb for your gift registry is to have 1.5 items for every guest. For example, a couple who invites 100 guests to their wedding should register for 150 items. If you are only registering at one store, increase that number to 1.75 gifts for every guest. This ensures you have a wide variety of items and price points for your guests to choose from.

2. Take Your Time

You don’t have to complete your registry in one visit. Initially, it is best to set up an appointment with a registry consultant so you can set yourself up for success. This person can answer all your questions before you begin and give you some pointers for registering at that particular store. After your initial visit, set aside time to go back 1-2 times to complete your registry. If you rush through the entire store, you will miss items that you want and need.

3. Double Up

One of the biggest mistakes couples make is registering for too many individual pieces and no complete sets, or vice versa. This is most often seen with pots & pans. Ideally you should register for the complete set first, then scan each piece separately. Why? For flexibility. Maybe 12 different guests will purchase the 12 individual pieces. Or perhaps multiple couples will go in on the whole set. What you’re doing is giving your guests options. Do this with pots & pans, cooking utensils, knives, and wine glasses. Just double check the return policy first, just in case you get the individual pieces and the set.

Don’t you love these tips?! We highly recommend you go visit this registry team in person to get a one of a kind registry experience. We promise these ladies know what they’re talking about, and your registry will be better because of their advice!



Ask the Experts

A wedding is all about the details. Most of the time everything is about vendors, flowers, food, and location. But what about you, the bride? There are so many factors to consider when deciding on your wedding day look that it can be overwhelming. Instead of panicking, listen to some expert advice from our hair expert Dani Cooper from Boss Studios. Dani has over 5 years of experience working with brides. Some of our brides may know her from our Hitched Happy Hours, where Dani gives free wedding day hair trials and advice. If this introduction isn’t enough to convince you of Dani’s expertise, read her tips and see for yourself the great advice she has for our brides.

1. Create a Complete Look

Using pictuers as a reference when picking out a look is key for communication so that both the bride and the hair stylist are on the same page. Creating a look with the hair lets the dress shine and also brings the main focus to the face of the beaming bride. Don’t choose styles that will take focus off the dress but one that compliments the overall look. This keeps the look from getting too “busy”.

2. Location, Location, Location!

A well scheduled day can begin with knowing that you have nowhere to go other than the ceremony site because the salon has come to you! The sense of peace that brides find with having a stylist on site cannot be matched. Your wedding day can feel hectic, and having everything in one place will put your mind at ease. It is a huge success when the bride can feel like she is getting ready at her own pace, not feeling rushed to and from other locations.

All in all, your hair stylist should help take the weight off of the shoulders of the bride, moms, and bridesmaids. It’s important to feel comfortable with who you have chosen as your hair stylist so everything can be picture perfect as you imagined it would be.

Don’t forget to schedule a couple hair trials leading up to the wedding day! This established a professional relationship before the big day and ensures you get the perfect look for you on your wedding day.

To get more great tips and tricks from Dani, or to schedule a bridal hair consultation, call Dani at 402.660.2022.

Ask the Experts

Ask the Experts

Happy Friday to all our brides and their grooms! We hope you’ve enjoyed your 4-day week!. To wrap up the week we have tips for couples who are in the midst of picking out their wedding bands. Even boyfriends who are engagement ring shopping can apply today’s advice. These tips and tricks come to us from Mark Edward Private Jeweller. With over 30 years of experience, owner Mark Schmelzer has learned a thing or two about wedding jewelry and it is a pleasure to share some of his best advice with all of you!

Ask the Experts

1. Know Your Ring Size

Don’t just know your ring size – share it with your significant other too! It is much more fun to get your wedding band or engagement ring and have it fit right away than to send it in and wait for sizing. While you’re at it, let him know what you do and do not like. (Leaving hints on his desk, in his phone, or on the refrigerator have been known to help.)

2. Think Beyond Today

When choosing jewelry to wear with your wedding dress think about how it will look in pictures 20 or 30 years from now. Trendy jewelry with a wedding dress may be fun now but odd in photographs years from now. Keep it simple on your wedding day. Earrings and bracelets are best, or an antique diamond tiara is an elegant touch as well.

3. Don’t Buy Too Soon

Buy your weddings bands 60-90 days before the wedding. If you shop too early, you might find something you like even better closer to the big day and you most likely won’t be able to return your other wedding bands.

Fabulous tips and words of wisdom from a fabulous local expert! To get more advice from Mark or to set up a consultation to design your own engagement rings or wedding bands, visit his website or contact him at 402.558.8058 or