Omaha World Herald Bridal University Recap

We had such a wonderful time at Bridal University! There were so many wonderful things learned and taught this past weekend. It was such an experience that we will always remember. Not to mention…we had some amazing models for the runway show featuring some of Ready or Knot’s wedding dresses.

OWH Bridal University, Dresses from Ready or Knot, Omaha, NE

Before the runway show

OWH Bridal University, Dresses from Ready or Knot, Omaha, NE

Patiently waiting Backstage

OWH Bridal University, Dresses from Ready or Knot, Omaha, NE

Mariah strutting down the runway, gorgeous!

Waiting to see these dresses in person? Don’t wait any longer, make an appointment today to try them on!

Day 4 of Snack Bar {Pinterest Picks}

Winter brides looking for a way to keep guests warm will love today’s Pinterest Pick! This snack bar is light, refreshing, and energizing. For today’s Pinterest Pick, we chose a Coffee Bar!

Give coffee away as favors at your coffee bar

Having a Coffee Bar at your reception does more than just keep guests caffeinated throughout the night. It provides entertainment as guests select their favorite roasts, syrups, creamers.

The best part of it all? A Coffee Bar allows you and your fiance to be as simple or creative as you please. Select a few different roasts, provide syrups, cream, and stir sticks to make a simple coffee bar. This is a great DIY project for brides and bridesmaids to work on togther!

Coffee snobs can go to the other extreme by selecting exotic brews, unique syrups, and creamers crafted especially for your ceremony. If you’re serious about your coffee, consider having an espresso machine to make great tasting lattes! Just recruit family or friends to work the station and your Espresso Bar is ready for your guests.

A simple Coffee Bar is easy to make yourself


Go one step further by customizing the coffee mugs or sleeves with your wedding date. After guests enjoy their cup of coffee, they can take their mug home with them! We also love the idea of using colorful straws to finish off each latte.

As with any snack bar, the possibilities with a Coffee Bar are endless! That’s why we love the idea of snack bars so much! For all the non-coffee drinking brides and grooms out there, consider switching to tea. Whether you provide guests with tea bags or loose leaf options, this is a great alternative to a Coffee Bar!

We hope you are enjoying this week of Pinterest Picks! Tomorrow we will wrap up the series, and we’ve saved the best for last – you won’t want to miss it!

Wedding Shoe Wednesday

Today you get double the fun – Pinterest Picks and Wedding Shoe Wednesday! If you like embellishment then we’re sure you’ll love these glitzy wedding shoes!

Both of today’s wedding shoes come to us from Forever New. Our first pick is the Lilia Lace Platform. This wedding shoe is covered from heel to open-toe in glitz and jewels . If you are a bride who wants to make a statement with her wedding shoe, Lilia is the one for you!

Brides looking for a more traditional shoe and embellishment should look to the Serena Embellished Platform.  The simple white peep toe is complimented by elegant jewels across the toe.

We hope you enjoyed today’s wedding shoe and Pinterest Picks!

Day 3 of Snack Bar {Pinterest Picks}

We’re halfway through our week of Snack Bar Pinterest Picks! Monday we brought you two bubbly bars. Tuesday’s pick gave you a way to combine sweet & salty with a popcorn bar. Today we’ve got two snack bars that go hand in hand. If you’re looking for a savory snack bar for your wedding reception, look no further then today’s Pinterest Picks.

Taco Bar 

A Taco Bar isn’t just for snacking! Spice up a casual summer wedding by serving the main dish snack bar style! Keep it simple with chicken, beef, and standard taco toppings. Or, go gourmet with exotic cheeses, shrimp, cucumbers, and green salsa. Add on chips and beans to make this snack bar into a complete meal! Not quite right for your wedding reception? Try a taco bar out at your backyard rehearsal dinner instead!

Nacho Bar

Love the idea of serving a smaller late night snack? Then a Nacho Bar may be just the thing for your wedding reception. Similar to a Taco Bar, a Nacho Bar is a lighter and easier option. Serve with margaritas from the bar and guests will never want to leave! Keep it simple with standard choices, or add some color with red and black tortilla chips. Don’t forget the atomic salsa for all the spicy loving guests.

A Taco Bar and Nacho Bar are two great ways to serve a filling snack, or even a whole meal! Guests can customize their dinner or satisfy a salty craving with either of these bars. Want to serve a lighter fare? Then you’ll love the chilly snack bar we’re serving up tomorrow!