Ready Recap Sept. 24-28, 2012

Ready Recap


Thank you examples from Meldeen

To start out the week, we wanted to give you an informative post dedicated to wedding thank you’s. They can certainly be overwhelming so we asked our guest blogger, Kaleigh Wiese, from Méldeen for some of her favorite tips and tricks to share with all of you!


Now we all know that wedding invites can be just as overwhelming as the thank you’s. Tuesday we gave you some helpful tips on how to handle the dreaded uninvited guests. That darn plus one can turn into plus four in a matter of minutes so you want to make it clear. Be thankful they want to come, but stand your ground. After all, it’s your happiness and you deserve to have the greatest day of your life.


Glint Trio Peep Toe Bootie, Nordstrom

Question: What would Wednesday be without wedding shoe wednesday? Answer: NOT Wednesday. This week is all about feminine detail, with the Glint, “Trio” peep toe from Nordstrom. Who doesn’t want to strut down the isle in a great bootie?!


Colette & Anemone, Ivy & Aster, available at Ready or Knot, Omaha

The Ivy & Aster trunk show is quickly approaching! We received even more new arrivals on Thursday and we couldn’t wait to show you! “Colette” & “Anemone” are definitely new favorites of ours. Both wedding dresses feature the sophisticated elegance normally made by Ivy & Aster but they have even more to offer than just elegance. Come check them out!


Can you believe it’s already here? Lovestruck is this weekend and we are hoping that you already have your tickets! You don’t want to miss a day full of inspiration and fun with family and friends. Check out the Lovestruck Sneak Peek Video featuring Ready or Knot wedding dresses and take a look at the “Meet the Vendors” blog too! We are so excited to see you tomorrow!

See you at Lovestruck this weekend! {Plus Special Offer!}

Still haven’t bought your tickets for Lovestruck this Sunday?  You are in luck because today they are offering a one day sale on tickets!

To get you as excited as we are…click the link below to check out this sneak peek video featuring dresses from Ready or Knot!  We’ll be featuring them during the style show.

Lovestruck Event Sneak Peek

 Lovestruck is Omaha’s first wedding show created for the modern couple. If you miss the inaugural Lovestruck event, you’ll be missing more than inspiration for your wedding day, you’ll be missing a fun and exciting day with your family and friends.

Get your tickets before it’s too late!

Ivy & Aster New Arrivals – Colette & Anemone

With our upcoming Ivy & Aster trunk show, we are so excited to welcome our new favorites, “Colette” & “Anemone” to the store! Mark your calendars for Oct. 4-6 and call now for your appointments!

Colette, Ivy & Aster, available at Ready or Knot, Omaha

Colette, Front

 Meet “Colette” from Ivy & Aster. “Colette” features eyelet embroidered chiffon, a light-weight fabric perfect for the bride who doesn’t want a heavy gown. The trumpet fit is stunning and with the lace appliqued neckline and threaded ribbon and lace sash, you can’t go wrong!

Colette, Ivy & Aster

Colette, Back

 This back shot of Colette is what made us fall in love. The shear, V- back with buttons has a vintage feel & is perfect for the brides looking for a wedding dress with a great back detail. We know you’ll love this one as much as we do!

Anemone, Ivy & Aster, available at Ready or Knot, Omaha

Anemone, Front

Anemone is a vision of beauty. The slimming skirt leads into a soft mini train and the ruffle v neck continues to the shoulders and down the back as well. This is the perfect flirty, fun wedding dress.

Anemone, Ivy & Aster

Anemone, Back

The plunging back with ruffles on Anemone is sure to be a hit with Ready or Knot brides!

You can’t pass up these new wedding dresses from Ivy & Aster so don’t forget to call for your appointments. You may think that Oct. 4-6 is still far away but it’s going to creep up quickly and we can’t wait to see you!

Wedding Shoe Wednesday

Happy Wedding Shoe Wednesday to all our lovely brides! Today’s wedding shoe pick is all about feminine detail.

The Glint ‘Trio’ Peep Toe from Nordstrom combines all of our favorite fall bridal trends. The ivory lace is classic and will match almost any wedding day look. A peep toe allows you to show off your pedicure, and who can resist walking down the isle in booties? Overall, this shoe is romantic, elegant, and an ideal wedding shoe.

Ready or Knot Tip: How to handle uninvited guests

The guest list – often times the most difficult (and most dreaded) part of the wedding planning process.   When you are close to the maximum number your church & venue can hold, here are some tips to help you navigate the tricky minefield of uninvited guests that come about as the RSVP’s trickle in.


  1. Make sure your invitations are worded clearly.  Are you allowing a plus one?  Children of invited guests?
  2. Try & pre-empt unexpected additions to your guest list by talking to your friends & wedding party (are they allow to bring a date if they aren’t dating anybody?) and your family (can your high school cousin bring his girlfriend?) BEFORE the invitations go out.
  3. Be thankful that they want to come and appreciate their love for you and your fiancé.  If you are stretched thin on your guest list – let them know ahead of time so you can reiterate it when the time comes to make the phone call.

Helpful Suggestions

– You want to allow guests to bring someone to enjoy this celebration with you but you want to make sure they understand venue size, cost, and the many other factors involved.

– Example of how to word the RSVP: “____ of 1 guests will attend.” (You fill in the blank with the amount you have accounted for) (**This is my favorite tip from Méldeen!)

Don’t avoid your uninvited guests

– The fact that an uninvited guest RSVP’d is strange but you need to remember it is most likely a misunderstanding (or the fact that they have done this in the past for a wedding and nobody has mentioned it)

– Most uninvited guests hear something from someone else, like a family member, and just assume that they can come.

– Main thing to remember, don’t avoid the situation. It isn’t going to be fun telling your great aunt Mary that she isn’t invited but someone has to do it and it’s better coming from you and not through the grapevine.

Stand your ground

– Stay firm but polite.

– Explain to the uninvited guest that due to certain catering restrictions, venue size, etc. you can’t budge on the number of guests.

– Example of what to say: “I’m so sorry for the miscommunication! We would love to be able to invite everyone but because of venue size/catering/etc. we just simply can’t fit everyone on the guest list. This miscommunication is awkward and embarrassing and I’m so sorry. We hope you can understand.”  You can always offer to have them over for supper after the wedding & honeymoon to catch up and have one-on-one time.

– They love you, so remember be gracious and thank them for the love and support but still stand your ground.


We’d love to hear your tips and suggestions on how you have dealt with this issue.